30 palabras en inglés que necesitas saber para tu próximo!

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guia de viaje en ingles
  • TiNkeR: Beer = Cerveza 🍺🍻 com esa sobrevives en todos lados.
  • Ale :3: hola Salma, me gustaría que nos dieras tips para viajar o algo así plis ☺️es que es mi sueño jaja
  • Daemon Cooper: What contry is this
  • pollo asado: literal, las únicas palabras que enseña Duolingo.
  • Taylor: No one says “restroom” in English, bathroom would be the more used term
  • Gael: gracias teacher hermosa me ayuda un buen tu contenido 😘😘😘😘
  • Angel: “beer” es necesario para sobrevivir ? 😂👍
  • Fernanda: La ultima es la única jajajajaja
  • juancarlosramosca25: thanks teacher, era lo q necesitaba, ahora si me voyyyyyy.
  • la ñuñi: gracias
  • H: 👍👍👍
  • Angelito hermoso: 👍
  • ismaelabraham1709: 🥰🥰🥰👌

30 palabras en inglés que necesitas saber para tu próximo! #ingles #english #vocabulary #clasesdeingles

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How do I learn English?

There are many ways to learn English, and it is important to find the method that works best for you. Here are some suggestions to help you learn English: 1. Take English classes: Enroll in an English course at a language school, community college, or online platform to receive structured lessons from a teacher. 2. Practice regularly: Practice speaking, reading, writing, and listening to English every day to improve your language skills. You can do this through conversations with native speakers, watching English movies or TV shows, reading books or articles, and writing essays or journal entries. 3. Use language learning apps: There are many language learning apps available, such as Duolingo, Babbel, and Rosetta Stone, that can help you learn English on-the-go. 4. Hire a tutor: Consider hiring a private English tutor who can help you improve your language skills and provide personalized instruction. 5. Join language exchange groups: Join language exchange groups or find a language partner to practice speaking with native English speakers in exchange for helping them learn your native language. 6. Immerse yourself in the language: Surround yourself with English as much as possible by changing the language settings on your devices, listening to English music, reading English newspapers, and participating in English-speaking activities. 7. Set goals and track your progress: Set specific goals for your English learning and track your progress to stay motivated and focused on improving your skills. Remember that learning a new language takes time and practice, so be patient with yourself and stay dedicated to your language learning journey. Good luck!

How can I speak English?

1. Practice speaking: The best way to improve your English speaking skills is to practice speaking as much as possible. Try to engage in conversations with native English speakers or find language exchange partners to practice with. 2. Take English classes: Enroll in English language classes at a language school or community college. These classes will give you structured practice and guidance in improving your English speaking skills. 3. Watch English movies and TV shows: Watching English movies and TV shows can help you improve your listening skills and expose you to different accents and conversational styles. 4. Listen to English music and podcasts: Listening to English music and podcasts can also help you improve your listening and comprehension skills. 5. Read English books and newspapers: Reading English books, newspapers, and articles can help you expand your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. 6. Use language learning apps: There are many language learning apps available that can help you practice speaking English and improve your language skills. 7. Practice speaking with yourself: Another way to practice speaking English is to talk to yourself in English. This can help you improve your fluency and confidence in speaking the language. 8. Take every opportunity to practice: Look for opportunities to practice speaking English in your daily life, such as ordering food at a restaurant, making small talk with strangers, or participating in group discussions. Practice makes perfect!

What is the English subject about?

The English subject typically covers various aspects of the English language, including grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, writing skills, literature, and communication. It focuses on developing students’ abilities to effectively communicate and understand the English language in both oral and written forms. Students may study and analyze literature from different time periods, practice writing essays and other forms of writing, and improve their language skills through reading, speaking, and listening activities.

What is English known for?

English is known for being one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, used as a primary or official language in many countries. It is also known for its rich literary tradition, with famous works of literature from authors such as William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and Charles Dickens. Additionally, English is known for its influence on global communication, commerce, and technology, as it is often used as a common language in international business and diplomacy.

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