¿Dónde comer en WASHINGTON DC?

Beast wanna walk to the club But everything changed when I walked in the club He was licking at me like wow Dior on my body, I drippin’ a drop So he says, I heard you’re a singer I live in a penthouse, it’s on the east side I can tell what he implied I don’t trust my decisions, I make apps in midnight Laugh, gaslight, can’t keep Call his new bitch mainstream Taxic, hypnotic Got my cup of balls from his wallet Weakest photos, naked Low-pitched niggas, they sculptated Joyride in his humorous cities You still want me to have your babies? He knew me as a sweet little girl Now was all for his own He’s never seen this side of my world Cause I’ve lost all control I wanna drive him crazy like he did me Cause he did me wrong All his behavior, I’m projecting It was really all his fault Girl, I can show you what to do This thought of you won’t leave me

guia viaje de washington
  • Ely: Yo trabaje ahí 😅😅😅
  • shanasoto: Nw suite
  • BELLA REINA: Yo voy a comer está muy rico y lo que me gusta esa canción🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
  • Fran: para aser delivery de electrodomésticos en DC es un dolor de cabeza odio aser delivery en DC 😂
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