Four days solo traveling in Croatia

Absolutely This is my own personal itinerary from when I spent four days solo traveling in Croatia last summer Of course, if you have more time, you should definitely spend it in Croatia It’s a beautiful country You should spend at least a week there, I think, but I only had a few days and I was solo traveling, so this is my itinerary So first off, I flew in and out of Split, so this is exploring the areas near there The first day when you land, you should definitely just explore Split You really don’t need more than a day in Split, though, because it’s not that big And the main part of the town is actually the old town, which is called Diocletian’s Palace, which is gorgeous, but it’s really not that big There is some delicious food and a good party scene there, so you can definitely spend a couple of days there if you want to, but you really don’t need to There are also, apparently, some really cool towns near Split, so if you want to make Split your home base and then travel to those on little day trips, you can do that too and spend a couple more nights there I’ll make a whole other video about how to spend one day in Split to really make the most of your time there Next, nearby to Split is Plitvice in Kyrgyzstan National Parks I think you should go and spend a day in those Some people say that you can’t make it to both parks in one day, but I did it and it was actually totally fine, so I would recommend doing that Plitvice is about a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Split, and Kyrgyzstan is about a one-hour drive from Split, but it is kind of on the way back from Plitvice, so you can definitely check it off on your way back I rented a car and then went to both of the national parks in one day and then dropped the car back off at the Split Airport, but there are tons of tours that go to each park, and if you’re just going to check off one, then I might recommend doing that instead of renting a car It’s going to be cheaper and probably easier I couldn’t find any tours that actually went to both Plitvice and Kyrgyzstan in one day, so if you want to do that, I think you’re going to have to rent a car If you’re trying to choose one or the other, this is Plitvice, gorgeous And this is Kyrgyzstan, also gorgeous, but not to the same caliber as Plitvice So if you’re going to choose one or the other, I would definitely choose Plitvice over Kyrgyzstan, but if you can, I would definitely do both because they are kind of near each other Then for your last two days, you’re going to want to go to Havar, especially if you’re a solo traveler Havar is about an hour ferry ride from Split, super easy to get to I think the ferry costs like 20 euros or something It is a gorgeous island and it is a super big party island also Here’s a picture of Havar Town from the Havar Fortress, but this photo does not do the island justice It is such a fun town It has fantastic food You can rent a boat and check out tons of the other islands nearby because there are a ton in that area Crystal clear water, beautiful, jagged rocks on the shoreline Also beautiful beaches and of course the amazing party scene, which is why a ton of solo travelers love to go there I stayed in a hostel, met a ton of great people They do barcalls every night There’s so much to do It’s so much fun I’ll do a separate video on each of these places that I put in here So one day in Split, how to get to Pleete Beach in Kirka and then what to do in Havar But this is how I spent four days in Croatia Obviously, you should also check out Dubrovnik and a ton of other areas as well But this is what I did on my trip last summer Have fun!

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  • Loz: how much did it cost for you to rent the car for a day?
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  • Laura: For going out to clubs/bars at night,would you recommend Split or Hvar? I’ll be going to both but need to choose which one for the weekend vs the week
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  • Lisa | Travel Creator: Where did you sleep the day You went to Plitvice and Kirka? Did you drive back to split?

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