travel tips for Jeju! 🍊⛰️ (from a guy who lived in and fell in love with the island)

So you’re going to Jeju Island, but you don’t know what to do or where to stay I got you Hi, my name is Max I used to live in Jeju And while I lived there, I had a car and got to explore the whole island, so I think I’m a good friend to help you plan your trip First things first, how much time do you need? I think you need around three full days if you are not planning on hiking Halesan, which is the beautiful mountain in the center of your trip Seoul and Jeju have plenty of back and forth flights, so try to get the earliest one out of Seoul on the first day and the last one out of Jeju on the last day The weather there is also super temperamental You never really know what you’re going to get By having three to four days, you can always mix around your schedule, and if you know that one day is like the perfect weather day, you can plan accordingly Maybe you do that day for your hike, etc Okay, where to stay If I recommend staying in the south east part of the island This will give you very easy access to beautiful places like Bijarim Forest, Songsan Ilchulbong You can take a ferry to Udo Island, which is a very small island next to Jeju and bike around it It’s also famous for its jajangmyeon and it’s really good Everybody else, in my humble opinion, stay on the southwest side of the island I personally think there’s more fun things to do on the south Also, just make sure you’re not staying like under Hala San so that you can get around the mountain like easier in case you want to go to like Ewa, which is on the north side But also the southwest part of Jeju has some of my personal favorite restaurants There’s Myeongin-ae, which is known for their raw mackerel It has Haeworjeong, which I recommended and is now Stephanie’s who approved It has Jeonin-ae, which is, oh my God,

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  • jdr: What’s the car renting process in Jeju? I’m assuming you need an international drivers license?
  • kris: any tips for if you don’t have a car?!
  • Shannon’s Shenanigans: First time I went to Jeju, I stayed on the northwest side as part of a tour group. Second time by myself I stayed in the south (Seogwipo) in a hostel
  • jazzmatazz129: Can you do everything in busan for like 1 and a half day?
  • Kristina Bobovnicka: Did I leave Hallasan to the last day which had a weather safety warning and told not to hike? Did I miss the last ferry to Udo? Yes and yes. Loved Jeju though 🥰
  • Adorealison: Hey Max, if you have a US passport do you still need Korea Visa to go to jeju or is it free visa now?🥺
  • Canny Agustina: Would you make video of ittinerary 3 days in Jeju? 🙏🏻
  • Lauren Scott: Wooow how did you know I’m currently planning my solo trip to jeju 😂 so helpful thank you!!!
  • michelle lee: More ideas for southwest Jeju things to do please!
  • デミ: How’s the public transport like? I’m considering to go during early winter or spring next year but I don’t drive 🙁
  • remu_ramu: hi are you able to post the address of chaehun’s beef soup? can’t seem to find it on naver maps when i search chaehun’s
  • rxheart000: TY!!! Do you have camping recs?? Going in Oct and planning 5 days in Jeju. 🥰🥰🥰
  • Faith🐰: wished i got to see jeju during my stay in korea 🤧 will be saving this!
  • Lauren: I need to visit!! I adopted my dog from Jeju – she was a stray in an orange orchard 🥰🥹🥹🥹
  • LolaLaz: What time of the year is good for visiting?
  • Hina: how many flights are between jeju and busan? and can you tell, how much it appr. cost?
  • grace | beauty and lifestyle: Thanks for sharing this 💕 im so excited to visit Jeju!
  • Cindy Delestine: Going to SK this May. What to stay in Seoul but unsure where the best centralized location. Planning to see museums, night market, shopping, cafes, restaurants. Is an a-b-b best or a hotel?
  • Cynthia: can you help me with getting from seoul to teagu
  • Marlen Lopez: Aww your bye was so adorable 🥺
  • Storieurbane: Hi, which rentals car do you raccommend? thanks
  • * ੈ✩‧₊˚♡neverland: ALSO!!! If you’re planning to visit Snoopy Garden, Moominland or any other museum of that sorts, add another extra day 🥺
  • Jacelynjae: Where’s the best place for sunset ?
  • 𝐇: Where to rent a car pleaseeee in Jeju ?
  • AASO: Do you recommend Love Land?
  • lilita: I’m going there for three days and we’re staying one and a half days in Jersey City and the other one is something called seowgipo
  • user396409: Jeju is also one of my most favourite places to visit. The ferry ride from Mokpo to Jeju is so much fun. It is a four hour journey.
  • andie131_: Is it better to go through incheon and not gimpo?
  • vanilla bagel: Can you make a video on your favorite airbnbs/hotels/places to stay? 🫡
  • Simsa 🍉: Would you recommend against staying in Jeju City or is that also a good point from where to explore?
  • Farry DKH: thanks, but my struggle at the moment is how is the fastest and easiest way to get from Busan to Jeju. I will appreciate it if you could help with that
  • theninachen: Going to Seoul for 8 days, Would you recommend going to Jeju during mid_july or should we stick to staying in Seoul the whole time?
  • Orianna Aldridge: I’d love to visit Korea – but I have a shellfish allergy. Am I going to find it difficult?
  • Mel Q: Can you make a video of must-visit places in Jeju, please? 💕
  • JustaLittleBlue1: Bestie your skin looks amazing!!
  • ev: my friends and I planned for a lot of this but once we arrive a typhoon came and everything was closed 💀😭
  • .: is it possible for you to link Charhuns? I’m having the hardest time finding it
  • KathywithaK: How did you end up living in Jeju?? That would be my dream🥺
  • I don’t check comments: I love touring Jeju island with a motorcycle!🛵🛵🛵it’s better than touring with a car!!!
  • Fifie: Please be our tour guide 🥺
  • Yumi: This is so helpful! my next trip I’m planning to go here for a few days. Can you do a mini series for transport and things to do? 🥰
  • 𝕲𝖆𝖇𝖗𝖎𝖊𝖑 ❤️‍🔥: Would you still recommend Jeju for someone who doesn’t drive? 🥺
  • adrigpr: Hi Max ! Is ir necessary to rent a car to get a better experience ?
  • Simran: I’m planning to go in June for 3 days but I can’t drive… thought the north side would be easier with a day tour inbetween to get around??
  • Yildiiiiz: Do you maybe have some recommendations for vegetarian/ vegan restaurants or food on jeju? 🥰 ps. love your content
  • 그냥my cam: would you recommend it to solo travellers? I heard the island is more for couples and groups 😅
  • 👽: Please more jeju tips!!
  • Alwyn: I didn’t do a whole lot while ported there, Loveland was so fun!!
  • .: Stayed in Aewol a couple weeks ago and it was amazing! But now I’m wishing I stayed on the south side, getting around might have been easier
  • MJ: Love your content! Will be in Jeju for one day on a cruise! What should we do??!!

travel tips for Jeju! 🍊⛰️ (from a guy who lived in and fell in love with the island)

♬ original sound – Max 🧡

¿Cuántos días se necesitan para conocer Jeju?

Para conocer Jeju adecuadamente y disfrutar de sus principales atracciones turísticas, se recomienda dedicar al menos 3 a 4 días completos. De esta manera, tendrás tiempo suficiente para visitar los famosos lugares como el Monte Halla, las cascadas de Jeongbang y Cheonjiyeon, las formaciones rocosas de Jusangjeolli, la Playa de Jungmun, el camino de lava de Yongmeori y los campos de té de Daheeyeon, entre otros sitios de interés. Además, tendrás la oportunidad de explorar la deliciosa gastronomía local y sumergirte en la cultura única de la isla. ¡Disfruta tu viaje a Jeju!

¿Cómo moverse por la isla de Jeju?

Para moverse por la isla de Jeju, una opción conveniente es alquilar un coche. La red de carreteras en la isla es bastante buena y ofrece una gran flexibilidad para explorar a tu propio ritmo. También encontrarás opciones de alquiler de coches que se adaptan a diferentes presupuestos. Otra alternativa es utilizar el transporte público, como los autobuses locales que conectan los diferentes puntos de la isla. Si prefieres una opción más rápida y cómoda, puedes optar por los taxis, aunque pueden resultar un poco más costosos. Además, en Jeju también hay servicios de alquiler de bicicletas y motocicletas, ideales para explorar zonas más cercanas y disfrutar del paisaje. En resumen, moverse por la isla de Jeju es sencillo y hay varias opciones disponibles según tus preferencias y presupuesto. ¡Disfruta de tu viaje!

¿Qué hacer en isla de Jeju en 3 días?

¡Hola! La isla de Jeju es un destino muy popular en Corea del Sur con muchas atracciones para disfrutar en 3 días. Aquí te dejo una guía básica de actividades que puedes hacer durante tu estadía: Día 1: – Visita el Monte Hallasan, un volcán inactivo que es el punto más alto de Corea del Sur. Puedes hacer una caminata hasta la cumbre o explorar los senderos alrededor de la montaña. – Dirígete hacia el Jardín Botánico Yeomiji, donde podrás disfrutar de una amplia variedad de plantas y flores exóticas. – Termina el día relajándote en una de las playas de Jeju, como la Playa Hamdeok o la Playa Jungmun. Día 2: – Explora los acantilados de Seongsan Ilchulbong, un impresionante cráter marino que ofrece unas vistas espectaculares. – Visita la Cueva Manjanggul, una cueva de lava de más de 7 km de longitud que es la más larga de Asia. – Disfruta de la gastronomía local en el Mercado Dongmun, donde podrás probar platos típicos de la región. Día 3: – Visita el Parque Nacional de la Isla Lava Tubes, que alberga algunos de los tubos de lava más grandes e impresionantes del mundo. – Date un paseo por el pueblo de Seogwipo, donde encontrarás tiendas de artesanía local y restaurantes tradicionales. – Termina tu día en el Pueblo de los Osos de Peluche, un parque temático dedicado a estos adorables animales. Espero que esta guía te sea útil para planificar tu viaje a la isla de Jeju. ¡Disfruta de tu aventura!

¿Cómo ir a la isla de Jeju desde Corea?

Para ir a la isla de Jeju desde Corea, tienes varias opciones de transporte. La forma más común y conveniente para llegar a Jeju es en avión. Hay múltiples aerolíneas que ofrecen vuelos desde diferentes ciudades de Corea, como Seúl, Busan, Daegu y Gwangju, hacia el Aeropuerto Internacional de Jeju. Otra opción es viajar en ferry desde puertos como Mokpo, Wando y Haenam en la parte continental de Corea hasta el puerto de Jeju. Sin embargo, ten en cuenta que el viaje en ferry puede ser más largo y estar sujeto a condiciones climáticas. Una vez en Jeju, podrás moverte por la isla en autobús, alquilar un coche o tomar taxis para explorar sus hermosos paisajes y atracciones turísticas. ¡Disfruta tu viaje a la increíble isla de Jeju!

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