Who’s coming along on my ultimate Puglia tour this september?! 😍 drop me a message for more info 💙 –

Top tips for travelling in Puglia from a local If you only have a week in Puglia then here’s where to go to see the most You’re going to set up base in Trani It’s strategically located and from there you can travel the surrounding areas I want to head to Castel del Monte to see the UNESCO World Heritage Site This area is famous for their cheeses and olive oil so you want to try some of that Definitely spend some time exploring the surrounding areas of Trani, Barletta, Bari You’re also going to head to Alta Mura to taste their famous bread and it’s definitely worth it and even though it’s not in Puglia you’re going to head into another region which is Basilicata to Matera You’ve definitely heard of Matera It’s one of the most famous places in the world It’s one of the oldest places in the world and you cannot miss it It is so close to Puglia You can then set up base in Monopoly which is the most charming seaside town and from there you can explore the surrounding areas and maybe take a boat ride at sunset in Polignano Amare which we’ll be doing during my tour From there you can travel further down south to Lecce and discover the Florence of the South as it’s called and taste some of their amazing food including the Pasticciotto and then you’re going to finish with a street food tour in Bari Vecchia, one of my favorite areas of Puglia In this area you can try some of the most amazing food in Italy Trust me on this Now if you don’t want the stress of organising all of that then that’s what I’m here for I’ve organised this tour for you guys It’s happening in September 2024 There are only a few places left There’s going to be a small group of us I’m going to be there We’re going to have English speaking guides to take us through all the amazing towns and cities It’s going to be so much fun We’re going to make friends We’re going to eat a lot of food, drink some wine and explore Puglia together Drop me a message or head to the top of my page and see you in Puglia.

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  • whiskytori: Lola When I come to Puglia could you be available for talking about where to visit ?
  • Charlotte ❤️‍🔥: I’m coming to Puglia on Friday and staying in Monopoli, so excited! I will be stalking your TikTok for inspo 😅
  • Andrea: I’m coming to Puglia next year for my 50th birthday – can’t wait ❤️
  • user4587824567483: Loved Puglia and Matera! Alberobello, Lecce, otranto, monopoli, poligano, ostuni. Loved it all, and will go back to do more
  • ohanaeatz: @Lauren Quacquarelli I have 3 days w the family in Bari, do you suggest staying in Bari or Trani?
  • Viole-tiktok: Is Puglia a nice place to go for vacation with a toddler?
  • Caitlynnnnmarie: My husband and I are planning a trip to Puglia but I’m nervous because I have Celiac disease. Do the restaurants that have gluten free options?
  • Ben Raffel: My friend and I are visiting Puglia the first week of June this summer – do you have a tour recommendation? Thank you!
  • …: My mum has a place near martina franca – ceglie messapica is one of my favourite towns in puglia 😍
  • adaddio: can we meet up in Puglia in early June please?! 🤩🍷🥖
  • Iamstardust: I’m interested in going on your 7 days in Puglia tour , Can you share what hotels/accommodations are ? And if there will be any wineries?
  • Nabeeha: Can you recommend any popular taxi companies?? Ill be near santa maria de leuca
  • user2213781513333: What’s Martini Franca like ?
  • Liv | IG: oliviazao: Yesss love Puglia so much ❤️
  • Lichtmeister1900: hey! Im visiting puglia the 2nd time this year. going up North to foggia etc any tips for North puglia?
  • comefossizen: if you set up base in Trani, Matera or Lecce are really far, but Gargano Is deffo near. Why aren’t you talking about it?
  • user1660470502139: It’s ok to travel between towns by train?
  • Lizzie: Hi! Is it easy to go by public transport from Trani to the other cities like Bari, Monopoli, Polignano a Mare and Alberobello? Don’t have a driver’s license 🙈
  • Brindisi Experience: have you ever been in Brindisi?
  • brennyfromdablocc: Matera is beautiful
  • KAH2023: Loved it last year. Matera was amazing!!
  • SveJadnaSama: Add Alberobello and Locorotondo to the list ☺️
  • dianaaggs: Thank you for this! In your opinion, what’s the best way to travel between locations?
  • user4587824567483: How does Calabra compare to Puglia?
  • Espen: How many people will join your tour in September?
  • Mick Anzivino: Have you been to Bovino ?
  • Chantal: Are kids allowed to go on trips like this or cooking classes etc.. just wondering if kids are welcomed around Italy…?
  • arnopleinpot: thanks for the advice !
  • Laurence Etherington: What a great idea
  • Santina: Hearing Barletta on my fyp is insaneeee
  • Kiki Helder: I’m traveling to monopoli in may and I’m so excited especially after seeing your videos!
  • LC 🌙✨: My grandfather was from Bari 😭 it looks so beautiful
  • AlyOop: I’m going to most of these places this spring. So excited! And happy to see you’re recommending a lot of the same places!
  • Helen King: We are honeymooning there in September. I’ll check your guide out!
  • 美樹さん: Thank you for this ❤️I just got to know someone from Bari on Tandem 😁
  • CamiGiGi: I want to go on your tour!
  • ˗ˏˋ saint brigid ´ˎ˗: wowwwww 😍 congrats! sounds amazing.
  • Laurence Etherington: Typical we are there in May
  • marco gennaro: A Barletta il G 7 , cap du Mundi ⚪️🔴
  • Steflom 🌼: sei Barlettana?
  • Flying Dex: Dove consigli di fermarsi a mangiare a Trani per un buon pranzetto tipico? Ci voglio portare mia moglie che non c’è mai stata
  • Toni Stark1726: Corato. 🥰
  • Mangiainlinea: c’è anche il Gargano e le isole tremiti😅🥺
  • angi: 🥰🥰🥰
  • DinoPerroneChef: 🥰
  • _bk1yn_: You left Bisceglie off the list ☹️.
  • A quiet day: Thank you for mentioning Monopoli ❤️❤️
  • User75389535883268644007179: Hi Lauren can you please reply to my DM? I’ve followed you for a long time and want to move to Italy. I can book a consultation if you need. I just need guidance for a woman from a woman 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️
  • Bianca: Altamura ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Who’s coming along on my ultimate Puglia tour this september?! 😍 drop me a message for more info 💙 – #italylovers #puglialovers💙 #visitpuglia #pugliatraveltips #pugliaitinerary #italytraveltips

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What is Italy known for love?

Italy is known for its romantic atmosphere and its association with love. The country is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, charming cities, and passionate people. Additionally, Italy has a rich history of art, music, and cuisine that are often associated with romance and love. This reputation has made Italy a popular destination for couples seeking a romantic getaway.

Is Italy good for couples?

Yes, Italy is a great destination for couples looking for a romantic getaway. The country offers beautiful landscapes, historic cities, delicious cuisine, and plenty of opportunities for relaxation and adventure. From the charming canals of Venice to the scenic Amalfi Coast, there are many romantic places to explore in Italy. Couples can enjoy a gondola ride in Venice, wine tasting in Tuscany, or a leisurely stroll through the streets of Rome. Overall, Italy provides a perfect combination of culture, history, and romance for couples to enjoy.

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